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‘Jabariya Jodi’ Movie Review

Jabariya Jodi is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy action film, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra. ‘Jabariya Jodi’ Movie review is based upon the tradition of Groom Kidnapping prevalent in Bihar. Malhotra is playing a Bihari thug in the film, which is co-produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, and Sailesh R Singh and is directed by Prashant Singh. Principal Photography of the film began on 10 August 2018 in Lucknow, and it was theatrically released in India on 9 August 2019

Introduction of ‘Jabariya Jodi’ Movie Review

Abhay Singh (Sidharth Malhotra) runs a syndicate of kidnapping greedy grooms, who demand dowry in Bihar’s Madhopur. He then, forcefully marries them off to the girl, calling it a ‘surprise party’. But when his childhood sweetheart Babli (Parineeti Chopra) re-enters his life, he must choose between love and his long-term ambitions.

Abhay’s political ambitions and his flourishing business are both derailed when he meets Babli (Parineeti Chopra). He can’t decide whether he is in love with her, and she wonders if she should rebel against her family for him. The plot meanders enough to keep the two leads confused till the end of the film, at which point everything miraculously falls into place.

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Director Prashant Singh and scriptwriter Sanjeev K Jha are tone-deaf in their treatment of the subject. There is a social message about dowry here somewhere, but it is buried deep and never articulated. Babli’s regressive ideas about relationship and marriage and Abhay’s complete disregard for consent make for a messy tale that sees people being forced into marriage in the guise of social service.

‘Jabariya Jodi’ Movie Review in Chopra and Malhotra are stilted and ineffective, and their chemistry is non-existent. It is almost as if the two were dragged to the sets of the film and forced to act – just like the characters in the film. Much like its title, “Jabariya Jodi” is a forced and unnecessary effort, one that we could all have done without.


Aparshakti Khurrana

Siddhart Malhotra Parineeti Chopra

Javed Jaffery

Sanjay Mishra

Chandan Roy Sanyal

Neeraj Sood

Mohit Bhegal

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