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Dream Girl Movie Review

Now, this talented actor will be seen in DREAM GIRL, a thorough commercial fare, his first-ever. The trailers and songs have done the trick and the film is carrying a lot of expectations. So does Dream Girl Movie Review turns out to be a well-made entertainer? Or does it fail? Let’s analyze.

Story of Dream Girl Movie Review

DREAM GIRL is the story of a man masquerading as a woman to earn his living. Karamvir aka Karm (Ayushmann Khurrana) is an unemployed youth in Mathura who is desperately looking for a job. His father Jagjeet (Annu Kapoor) runs a shop that sells funeral items and has taken a huge loan. The recovery agents have been harassing him over unpaid dues. Karm is known locally for playing female roles in plays and Jagjeet detests this side of Karm. One day while returning home from an unsatisfactory job interview, Karm comes across an advertisement for a call center job. Karm reaches the venue and is surprised to know that it’s a Friendship club involving women calling men and talking seductively with them. The owner of this place, W Ji (Rajesh Sharma) however hires Karm when he realizes that Karm can talk like women very convincingly. Karm gets the job and he turns into Pooja. Karm does so well in his work that W Ji pays him handsomely and even gifts him a car.

Meanwhile, Karm falls in love with Mahi (Nushrat Bharucha) and both get engaged. Once Karm repays the loan of his father and gets settled in life, he realizes he no longer wants to be Pooja. But W threatens Karm that he’ll tell his father, Mahi and everybody in the neighborhood about how he seduces men daily by assuming Pooja’s identity. Karm hence continues his work. He also realises that he is in for a bigger problem as four of his customers – Mahendra (Abhishek Banerjee), coincidentally his to be brother in law, a hot-headed teenager Toto (Raj Bhansali), a cop-cum-shayar Rajpal (Vijay Raaz) and a man-hating journalist Roma (Nidhi Bisht) are crazily in love with him or should we say with Pooja. If this is not enough, Karm’s father Jagjeet too starts talking to Pooja and wants to marry her. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

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Nirmaan D Singh and Raaj Shaandilyaa’s story is excellent and it has a very wide appeal. It is reminiscent of the 90s David Dhawan, Govinda comedies. Hence there’s also a nostalgic value attached to the plot. Incidentally, the manner in which Karm hides his real profession from his near and dear ones gives one a déjà vu of Ayushmann Khurrana’s debut flick VICKY DONOR (2012). Nirmaan D Singh and Raaj Shaandilyaa’s screenplay is terrific as the writing packs in so much in 132 minutes. Often, the great idea goes kaput at the screenplay level. In the case of DREAM GIRL, the screenplay enhances the winning plot. Raaj Shaandilyaa’s dialogues further add to the fun and madness. The one-liners are so smart and naughty that viewers will be amazed by the writer’s wittiness.

Raaj Shaandilyaa’s direction is superb, especially considering that it is his first film. He handles the man-talking-in-woman’s-voice bit very nicely. He also has a bit of experience since he has scripted Kapil Sharma’s show which involves drag acts for laughter. But in this case, Raaj is not only writing but also executing the content and in all departments, he shines. It’s a bit slow at the beginning of the second half and some of the references to religion might not be liked by a few. But these are minor cons. What’s also praiseworthy is that he makes an important comment about loneliness in the society that drives so many men (and women) to resort to a Pooja.


Meet Bros’ music is foot-tapping and suits the narrative. ‘Radhe Radhe’ is grand and makes for a great watch. ‘Dil Ka Telephone’ is the best of the lot and very well placed. ‘Ik Mulaqaat’ looks a bit forced but is soulful. ‘Gat Gat’ is played in the end credits. ‘Dhagala Lagali’ is missing in the film. Abhishek Arora’s background score has a massy feel.


Ayushmann Khurrana     as     Karam Singh

Nushrat Bharucha           as     Mahi

Annu Kapoor                    as     Jagjit

Raj Bhansali                     as     Toto

Manjot Singh                 as     Smiley

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