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Chhichhore Movie Review

Chhichhore Movie Review opens with a group of men running to playfully douse each other with water in what is supposed to be an initiation ritual of sorts. The men look too old to be college students, and the scene, set in a run-down college hostel, is not pretty to look at – but director Nitish Tiwari manages to capture their camaraderie.

Story of Chhichhore Movie Review

The story of ‘loser’ friends trying to become winners and learning some important lessons on the way. Anirudh Pathak aka Anni (Sushant Singh Rajput) is a middle-aged man residing in Mumbai with his son Raghav (Mohammad Samad) after divorcing his wife Maya (Shraddha Kapoor).

Raghav is under immense pressure as he has just given the entrance exams for engineering. Both his parents were rankers when they gave the entrance examination. As a result, Raghav is feeling the pressure tremendously. Anni, however, is confident that he’ll make it. Finally, the result is out and sadly, Raghav fails to make the cut. Scared that he’ll be labeled a loser all his life, he attempts to commit suicide by jumping from a high rise.

He survives but the doctor treating him, Dr. Kasbekar (Shishir Sharma) makes it clear that the chances of him recovering are slim. Anni is obviously heartbroken and with no option in hand, he decides to adopt a novel method to ensure that Raghav gets the will to live. He starts narrating his story as an engineering student in Mumbai’s National College of Technology. He’s allotted a room in Hostel no 4 aka H4, considered to be the residence of the ‘Losers’. At first, Anni is flabbergasted with the kind of characters in H4. But slowly, he becomes good friends with some of them like Gurmeet Singh Dhillon aka Sexa (Varun Sharma), Acid (Navin Polishetty), Sundar aka Mummy (Tushar Pandey), Bevda (Saharsh Kumar Shukla) and Derek (Tahir Raj Bhasin).

The number of girls in engineering is negligible and the most popular among them is Maya (Shraddha Kapoor). Anni manages to woo her and they soon start dating. However, Anni and others are still called ‘Losers’ and there’s a reason for it. The General Championship aka GC is a sports tournament that takes place annually in the college. The students of H4 always lose miserably and are the last among the ten hostels. Hence, the ‘Loser’ tag. Raggie (Prateik Babbar) from H3 is a champion who wants all the winning students from other hostels to be in his hostel so that H3 can win the GC.

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Chhichhore Movie Review

He invites Anni since the latter is a basketball champion. But Anni refuses, thereby earning the wrath of Raggie. Anni and others from H4 decide to shed the tag of ‘Loser’ once and for all by winning the H4. However, the road to the trophy is full of hurdles. Cut to present-day. Raghav’s condition stops deteriorating after listening to the story of the ‘Losers’ but there’s no improvement either. What happens next, in the flashback as well as in the present day, forms the rest of the film.

Nitesh Tiwari’s direction is appropriate for most parts. He deserves praise for the way he goes back and forth with the present day and flashback scenes. Also, in the climax, three scenes are running parallel – one of the chess tournaments, one of the relay and one of the basketball matches. He merges them very well.

On the flip side, he skips some of the details with regards to the characters’ lives and that hampers the impact. For instance, viewers never come to know properly what exactly went wrong between Anni and Maya that they had to divorce and why didn’t Maya take the custody of Raghav. Except for Sexa and Mummy, none of the students’ parents are ever shown. As a result, we don’t know what kind of families they hail from. Not just that, even in present-day portions, except for Mummy and Sexa to an extent, the other characters’ lives are not explored at all. Mummy apparently flies from the USA to be with Anni.

How did he manage to do so that too immediately remains a question mark? Then there are scenes that are unconvincing like Raghav attentively listening to the story of the ‘Losers’ but at the same time, we are told that he is critical. Even when his health deteriorates in the pre-climax, he doesn’t look medically serious. The ‘Losers’ or Raggie are never really shown studying and we never come to know how they are faring in the exams. It seems like the reason they have taken admission in the college is simply to win the GC.

Chhichhore Movie Review

Music of Chhichhore Movie Review

Pritam’s music is in sync with the film’s mood but won’t have a long shelf life. ‘Fikar Not’ is the best of the lot as it also reflects the film’s message. ‘Control’ comes next as the situation during which it’s played is funny. ‘Woh Din’ and ‘Khairyat’ fail to make a mark while ‘Kal Ki Hi Baat Hai’ is played just for a few seconds. Sameer Uddin’s background score is subtle but makes an impact.


Sushant Singh Rajput      …   Anni

Shraddha Kapoor             …   Maya

Varun Sharma                  …   Gurmeet ‘Sexa’ Singh Dhillon

Prateik                               …   Raggie

Thair Raj Bhasin               …   Derek

Naveen Polishetty           …   Acid

Tushar Pandey                 …   Mummy

Saharash Kumar Shukla  …   Bevda

Rohit Chauhan                 …   Chriss Cross

Nalnessh Neel                  …   Pandu

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