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Arjun Patiala Movie Review

The makers of Arjun Patiala have obviously thrown caution to the wind and indulged in a care-a-damn attitude. They have given absolute hoots to the critics — a fact that is blatantly spelled out by the end of the film.

This screwball comedy, designed as a buddy-cop film, is a huge letdown. You would enjoy the humor if it was intelligently mounted. Unfortunately, with a perfunctorily-designed plot, flippant graphics, and absurd gags, the end result is a yawn.

Introduction of Arjun  Patiala

Arjun Patiala(Diljit Dosanjh)has recently been initiated into the police service. A man who has spent most of his early life disciplining himself in Judo and getting into the forces now decides its time to take it easy. He’s introduced to his loyal “Chita munshi” who soon turns into a confidant- Onida Singh. ( Varun Sharma) We quickly realize Arjun Patiala’s quirks – That he is fond of women and even fonder of his drink. But his quirky, original and unusual ideas help him reduce the crime rate in the city without even moving a finger. Along the way, Arjun falls in love with a firebrand news reporter – Ritu Randhawa (Kriti Sanon) who might pull the curtain on his deeds. A laugh riot film, Arjun Patiala will leave you in splits. These unforgettable characters are definitely here to stay.


Arjun meets Ritu (Kriti Sanon), a bubbly journalist, and the two set about on destroying crime syndicates while not forgetting their other priority, cavorting in the fields. The film doesn’t think much of Arjun and Ritu as professionals. He needs her lengthy instructions on how to tackle crime. She is a TV journalist who conducts interviews on voice recorders.

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There are sub-plots about Arjun’s trigger-happy father, a corrupt MLA and Ritu’s sad past. None of these sticks. The comedy is puerile at worst, tepid at its best. Dosanjh seems at ease playing the cop, but Sanon is affected as Ritu. “Arjun Patiala”  is a victim of its joke.

Sunny Leone is woven into the narrative when she seeks Arjun’s assistance, and he comes forward to help her. Then, all of a sudden, the director informs his producer; “Yahaan Sir, absolutely for no reason, we break into an item number.” However, the item song lacks gusto to breathe life into the narrative.


Diljit Dosanjh as Arjun

Rishi Parinja as Gilli

Kriti Sanon as Ritu

Varun Sharma as Onida

Prabhjyot Singh as Jeetey

Yogesh Upadhyay as Danda

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